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Herzing University Madison Nursing Student Honored with Hydrocephalus Association Scholarship

October 15, 2010

Hydrocephalus Association Each year the Hydrocephalus Association awards scholarships to young people with hydrocephalus who are pursuing post-high school education. This year, the scholarship committee had the task of awarding a total of 8 scholarships. These scholarships were funded by two Gerard Swartz Fudge Memorial Scholarship Funds, two Morris L. and Rebecca Ziskind Memorial Scholarship Funds, two Anthony Abbene Scholarship Funds, the Justin Scot Alston Memorial Scholarship Fund, and the Mario J. Tocco Hydrocephalus Foundation Scholarship Fund. HA is extremely proud to honor these future community leaders and their ability to overcome unimaginable obstacles to succeed and prosper in their education.

Michelle Slowey attends the Herzing University in Madison, Wisconsin, pursuing a degree as a registered nurse. As a dominant figure in her nursing program Michelle works above and beyond as the 2011 class president, class representative at faculty meetings and as a member of the Student Nursing Association on campus. Michelle’s dedication to her field reflects her desire to someday join Doctors Without Borders and pursue a career that gives her “the opportunity everyday to change someone’s life for the better”. Michelle’s ultimate dream of working on a pediatric neurosurgery floor will fulfill her desire to give back as a relatable resource, teaching others like her that “hydrocephalus is just a descriptor of you, it is NOT the definition of you, and you control the power to keep it that way”. Ms. Slowey has been awarded one of the two Anthony Abbene Scholarships for 2010. Congratulations, Michelle!

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