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Herzing University Online Partners with Tribal Education Departments National Assembly to Provide Scholarship Program

September 9, 2010

Herzing University Online has partnered with the Tribal Education Departments National Assembly (TEDNA) to enable TEDNA the opportunity to provide its members with access to a high-quality, post-secondary education at Herzing University Online.
With this partnership, Herzing University Online will offer interested members of TEDNA the opportunity to attend a complimentary one-credit class with the option to enroll after completion of the course. If they choose to continue, each student will receive a scholarship for the remainder of their attendance at Herzing.

“As an anthropologist who has come to respect and learn from the many diverse cultures across our world, I am honored that our university has been chosen to support TEDNA members’ educational needs,” stated Herzing University Online Campus President, Dr. Todd Rickel.
The partnership is equally exciting for TEDNA President Quinton Roman Nose, who explained that, “Distance learning is going to be an important part of the equation for educating tribal members of the future.”

Herzing University Online’s Director of Native American Education, Cheryl Evans-Smith, who was instrumental in fostering this relationship, said, “I am so thrilled to have TEDNA and Herzing University Online partnering at this exciting time for all the Tribal Nations. TEDNA’s President Roman Nose and I have been working on this for almost a year, and we wanted this partnership to be a strong educational opportunity for all Tribal members and future TEDNA members as well,” Evans-Smith stated. She also noted Herzing University Online’s commitment to respect and honor each of the Nations’ distinct spiritual, cultural, linguistic, and economic situations.

For more information about Herzing University Online’s partnership with TEDNA, please go to More information about Herzing University Online’s Native American Education Division can be found at
TEDNA is a non-profit membership organization for the Education Departments of American Indian and Alaska Native Tribes. The founding of TEDNA has been supported by the Native American Rights Fund and the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Indian Education. If you would like more information about TEDNA, please visit their website at

About Herzing University Online
Serving students online since 2003, Herzing University Online’s programs are specifically designed to prepare students for dynamic careers in the fields of technology, business, health care, design, and public safety. Students have the option to take courses toward their master’s, bachelor’s, or associate degree or diploma in the convenient online format. Based at the Herzing University headquarters in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, Herzing University Online has been recognized as the “Best School for Online Education – 2009” by Corporate Report Wisconsin. Information about Herzing University Online is available at To learn more about Herzing University, go to

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