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Call to Action!

August 30, 2010

On July 26, 2010, the U.S. Department of Education published a proposed regulation (Notice of Proposed Rulemaking or NPRM), which we believe goes above and beyond the Department’s statutory authority to define whether or not certain postsecondary educational programs would lead to “gainful employment” in a recognized field.  This proposed rule endangers Herzing students,programs and schools and other career-focused institutions.   We are asking you to contact the Department of Education and your Congressmen or Congresswomen and share why you chose a career college education.


The regulation comes from this Department and they are taking comments for a limited period, so it is key you speak out.

Go to:

You will be brought to a web page that has links with more information about the proposed regulation, and that will ask you if you are an Alumni, Employee, Employer or Student. Please click the appropriate link.

Step One:           Enter your name and address as requested

Step Two:           You will be brought to a form letter that will allow you to enter your own message or story into it. Please do so and be sure to be concise, clear, and passionate.   Tell them why you chose your career college, why this choice was important to you and why your choice counts! Use spell check!

Step Three:        Click “send electronically” and “print/send”.  You have now done your part in telling the Department of Education that you support educational choice.

Your voice has been heard, leave us a comment letting the world know!  Thank you and please pass this along to others.


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