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Brookfield Community Commitment Scholarship

July 1, 2010


This scholarship is designed to recognize those individuals who look forward to contributing to their community and the organizations within it by furthering their education in one of the following areas at Herzing University – Brookfield:

  • Technology: Increase the technology capability and efficiency of area organizations
  • Business: Contribute to the economic development of the community by working
    for or starting an organization
  • Health Care: Provide patients and health care facilities with up-date patient care
    and/or medical administration skills
  • Design: Visually enhance materials found in or produced by organizations in the community
  • Public Safety: Contribute to the safety and security of community residents and organizations

Open to both non-students and current Herzing University-Brookfield students. No class enrollment is required for entry; but finalists and winner must begin classes on or before January 12, 2011 to claim scholarship prize money.

This scholarship contest will have three stages: Entrant application, semi-finals, and finals. Entrants must advance through all stages in order to be named a winner; if at any time an entrant is not invited to the next round, s/he will no longer be considered a competitor for the scholarship prize, but will remain eligible for admission to the University.

Stage 1 – Entrant application

Entrants submit scholarship application and essay, and verify with Admissions Advisor that University entrance eligibility is met.

Stage 2 – Semi-finals

The scholarship committee will select semi-finalists who will be invited to submit a short video telling the public why they want to further their education, and how that education will impact them, their family, and the community. Videos can be recorded in any manner the entrant chooses, but must be under 3 minutes in length and not contain any offensive material (as deemed by the Scholarship Committee). Those who wish may tape their videos at the Brookfield campus using a device provided by the school. Videos will be posted online, and the public will vote to determine the scholarship winners.

Stage 3 – Finals

The semi-finalists who submit the top five vote-receiving videos will be deemed finalists and win a $500 scholarship. The finalist whose video receives the most votes will receive an additional $2,500 scholarship, to total $3,000.

For more details, download the Community Commitment Scholarship Application.doc or PDF

Entry deadline is October 4, 2010!

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