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One of the Best Decisions of my Life ~ Jean Falk

May 12, 2010

If Cinderella could wave her magic wand and sprinkle particles of great life experiences, the Midnight Pumpkin would be packed with my inner joy of studying for my Bachelor’s Degree in Legal Studies with Herzing University Online! This month will begin my fourth Term with accelerated classes filled with enjoyable Meet and Greets, discussion threads, readings, presentations, and syllabae…with eager anticipation.

My life as a retired Registered Nurse was too consumed with “word finds and television news broadcasts,” until I was introduced to possibilities at Herzing! So many benefits at a fairly reasonable cost, wonderful attention given by each of its staff, and the knowledge that I have gained cannot be beat! At Herzing University Online, I am treated like a person should be treated…with dignity, compassion, patience, sincerity, dependability, and respect. Its instructors are very tuned into the students who communicate openly and honestly, even with regular messages, to express their concerns and rewards of educational challenges.

“I truly believe that our educational process has been blessed with extraordinary benefits that Herzing offers its students.”

I truly believe that our educational process has been blessed with extraordinary benefits that Herzing offers its students. During a recent visit to the Milwaukee offices, I saw firsthand the vitality and congeniality of its staff, which made me feel so very much “at home” with every new face I greeted and hand that I shook. It is one thing to take online classes and possibly webcam your instructor in a Wimba classroom. Yet, to visit the campus itself and meet those with whom you computer chat, so much enjoyment is gained!

The classes are rigorous, as there is a great amount of reading and “digesting of the material” in a period of eight weeks. However, getting into a routine of disciplined study time, let alone adequate rest and a proper diet with vibrant exercise, holds the key to great times with Herzing University Online! Time flies by so quickly, that it is no wonder how the months and seasons speed before us. Take time to enjoy the beauty Herzing can make of your life! The risk I have taken is one of the best decisions of my life!

To learn more about Herzing University visit us on the web at

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