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Rock Out the Summer Semester

April 26, 2010

Choiceortunity #52

In two days the summer semester or first term of the summer semester will begin.  As a person that has been in school for…let’s say EVER.  I think this is the hardest semester of the year.  You sit at work all day knowing that it is beautiful outside and that fresh air calls to you.  There are activities you can participate in every weekend, heck almost every night.  If you have kids, they are busy with summer activities and you are responsible to both transport and support.  I’ll admit that I personally would rather have my hands in the garden getting dirty than my brain soaked in accounting exercises.  Ignoring the whole “school thing” for the “summer thing” crosses each of our minds at least once.

But ALAS, we cannot fail.

Although it is tempting, each of us has to remember our goal.  Remember why it is that we’ve gone back to school and stick to our proverbial guns despite the call of the sun. (That so totally rhymed)  So here are a few reminders that we all already know, but sometimes we just have to re-focus our energy on them.

  • Remember that online education is flexible but time needs to be set aside for it a couple of times a week.  So please go have some fun at the beach but remember that you have to balance the beach with homework/study time.  Don’t forget to sign into classes three or four times a week and participate in discussions.
  • Stay organized, even though the “summer schedule” at home might be less stringent than the norm.  Your academics should remain organized and running like clockwork.
  • Watch out for stress.  Stress is a little bugger that will get you if you let it.  Take some time for metal breaks, exercise and a healthy snack.  Go for a walk in the sun and soak up some vitamin D!
  • Make a plan to get it done early.  I am very guilty of “Homework Sunday”, getting assignments done just hours before they are due.  The problem with this is that if something goes awry in your life or schedule then you risk not getting it turned in on time or at all.  So shoot for Thursday.  Try to get the bulk of your work done mid-week so your weekend can be an adventure in summertime fun not an adventure in making up excuses to your instructor as to why your work wasn’t turned in or stressing out at 7pm on Sunday evening.
  • Remind your family of your responsibility to school and the goals that you’ve set for yourself; you’ll need their support.
  • Know that you are not alone.  Communicate with your fellow students in your TEAM Mentor Forum; share your day, your frustrations and your joys.  This will help further strengthen your support systems.
  • Lastly close your eyes and envision graduation day (you look awesome in that cap and gown) and receiving your diploma.  The payoff to all of your hard work and a license to freely enjoy each and every summer to come.

Your education, unlike the seasons, does not go away.  It is yours forever.


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2 Comments leave one →
  1. Becky Hunter permalink
    April 27, 2010 3:03 am

    Great Blog!

    I noticed a typo, but what’s funny about it is that it could still work for those of us who enjoy hard rock music. I think you meant to say, “take a mental break,” but instead you typed, “take a metal break.” I would so do that, lol! Break out the old Guns ‘n’ Roses and Metallica CDs, play some air guitar, head bang, and let off some steam! Whoo!!

    I am a new student who is excited to begin this summer semester, but everything you say here is still great advice, as the honeymoon is bound to be over at some point. 🙂

  2. April 27, 2010 2:50 pm

    Could be a purposeful typo…I like to make up words 🙂

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