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April 14, 2010



Herzing is on a big Facebook kick.  Each campus has a “fan page” and are gathering together students, alumni and anyone else that will befan (“befan” like befriend???) them.  Well much to my dismay in a report sent out last week, the Online campus is WAY behind what we are calling “relative reach”.  We are in 10th place.

10th place!?!?!?!?

So you may or may not know that I am a VERY competitive person.  Actually about 90% of the staff at Online is what I would call very, very competitive.  With that in mind, 10th place is not good enough.  2nd place is not good enough.  We want to be in first place. So for today’s choiceortunity I present to you the top ten reasons to become a fan of Herzing University ONLINE:

No. 10 – You will get to meet and “see” students, alumni and staff that you normally wouldn’t

No.  9 – You can read the online staff’s witty Facebook statuses and wonder if we are crazy

No.  8 – You can make me jealous by playing Mafia Wars without me and while I am at work

No.  7 – You can check out my birth date and try to figure out how many years I am lying by; if any… 🙂

No.  6 – You can see my pictures of Danny Bonaduce; yes the REAL Danny from the Partridge Family

No.  5 – You can welcome new students as they enroll and give them support, words of wisdom and a virtual back pat

No.  4 – You can play trivia Thursdays with other HUO peeps

No.  3 – You can join the LEW fan club – who doesn’t love a big, bluish, green lizard, chameleon thingy

No.  2 – You can tag the HUO staff in embarrassing photos of your own family

And the NUMBER ONE reason to BEFAN us on Facebook is…

You can join me in the group – “When I was younger, I put my face close to the fan to hear my robot voice”

So why wouldn’t you want to be our fan?  Here’s how.

To be my friend:

To be a Herzing University Online Fan:

Our goal: kick the other campuses’ textbooks and take over the number one spot next month.


PS. If “befan” becomes a new word in next year’s list of new words in Webster’s Dictionary…you heard it here first!

To learn more about Herzing University please visit us on the web at or you can give me a shout at

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