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Catch or Duck?

April 1, 2010

Choiceortunity #48

Catch or Duck?

Kay Eilers, Herzing Online’s NEW Director of Career Services (send her an email congratulating her on her promotion), and I met yesterday and our conversation turned to how challenges are a good thing, how they help us grow, make us stronger and how we should embrace them.  This conversation got me thinking in metaphors and I came to the conclusion that you either “catch the challenge” facing it head on and having some control over how it will work out or you “duck” and hope it totally misses you.

I have no wisdomatic (I made that word up, isn’t it fabulous?) notions that either is better and depending on the challenge sometimes ducking and running might really be the wiser choice.  Just get the heck out of there!  However when it comes to work and most things in our lives like school, raising children, taking care of our homes or just making it from day to day; facing challenges head on is the wiser of the two choices.   The answer as to why is really quite simple.  Challenges serve a purpose in our lives, both professionally and personally.  When you reflect upon those challenges, there is always an underlying theme or lesson to be learned.


Every single one of us filled our plates with challenges when we made the decision to go to school.  We are challenged with making time for our loved ones, studying, homework, work-work, housework, fun, keeping ourselves healthy and sometimes even sanity.  We are challenged with balancing everything from our budgets to our commitments and everything in between.  If we own these challenges, face them head on, a beautiful thing happens, it makes us stronger.  It makes the reward all the more sweet and it makes our accomplishments shine more brightly than the brightest star.  It gives you something inside that is yours and that no one can take away from you.  When you own the challenge the outcome is 100% yours.  If you “duck”, there is a very good chance that it will come right back at you and bite you in the proverbial behind.  I don’t have any statistics on this but Murphy’s Law confirms it.

This brings me to another of my favorite schools of thought.

You all know the optimism question:

“Is the glass half full or half empty?”

My answer to this question has been the same for the past fifteen years and I would like to share it with you.

“Forget about the glass, ask where the bottle is?”

I challenge you to always think bigger than the glass, think beyond today’s challenges while facing them with no fear and embrace the beautiful future that lies ahead of you.  No ducking.

Happy Spring Herzing Family


Learn more about Herzing University and expanding your “wisdomatic” at

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  1. Marilyn Collins permalink
    April 2, 2010 9:14 pm

    What a positive article about facing challenges and how it affects our future. Excellent advice.

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