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Find Adventure

March 17, 2010

Choiceortunity #46


Find Adventure

Sometimes I don’t think we have enough adventure in our lives.  Not “drama” but adventure.  Webster’s defines adventure as:

Main Entry: 1ad·ven·ture

Pronunciation: \əd-‘ven-chər\

Function: noun

Etymology: Middle English aventure, chance, risk, from Anglo-French, from Vulgar Latin *adventura, from Latin adventus, past participle of advenire to arrive, from ad- + venire to come

Date: 14th century

1 a : an undertaking usually involving danger and unknown risks    b : the encountering of risks <the spirit of adventure>
2 : an exciting or remarkable experience <an adventure in exotic dining>
3 : an enterprise involving financial risk

Staying clear of danger and financial riskiness, let’s focus on #2 “an exciting or remarkable experience”.  When was the last time you just happened upon or found an exciting or remarkable experience?  When was the last time you crashed into your bed at night and thought to yourself, “Now that was a good day”.  Adventure doesn’t necessarily have to involve mountains, the deep sea or a police chase.  It can be as simple as going into a little neighborhood shop you’ve driven by a million times and thought, “I am going to check that place out someday”.  Therein lies the lack of adventure, we preface with “someday” and all too often someday is never.

A month ago I took my teenage girls to one of our favorite restaurants here in Milwaukee called Pegasus.  There is nothing special about Pegasus except for the awesome people watching.  The average age of the customer is about 70 years old and the place is standing room only during the senior citizen’s early bird specials.  When I am there I feel incredibly young (yes!) and the girls just love watching the dynamics of the elderly out socializing.  I know it sounds silly, but it really feels good to be in a facility full of laughing, smiling, vivacious older folks who are out enjoying life.  It shows us that life only gets better and we need to make the most out of every day.  And watching an old married couple fight over pudding just makes the three of us smile.

Getting back on track, today’s choiceortunity is not about Pegasus or its customers however it is about their fish tanks.  In the middle of the restaurant they have huge salt water aquariums.  As we sat and watch either the fish or the people, I thought about how I had always wanted a salt water aquarium.  I’ve wanted one for years.  So as we finished up dinner I looked at the girls and said, let’s go fish shopping and we did.  We went to our local aquarium shop and bought a thirty gallon salt water tank set up.  Since then, we’ve spent the last four weeks curing the water (you have to be darn picky about the ph this and ammonia that) and slowly added live rocks and then some crabs.  This past weekend we went and got an anemone, three fish and two shrimp.  We find ourselves gathered around the tank just watching things swim and eat; simply amazed at how the anemone is “alive” but it surely doesn’t look like something from this planet. I tell you it is better than TV.  Even more so the kids and I have had a blast putting it all together, it is like a team project for the whole family.  We didn’t climb a mountain or ride the white waters of some river in Colorado but the Chastek family has been having a great adventure without leaving our neighborhood.  Not only has Amy done something she has always wanted to do, but we have a little piece of the ocean in our home and it has been a fun experience for each and every one of us.

Find the adventure…

I challenge you to seek out a little adventure now and then.  There are a million ways.  Try a new food, help a neighbor, volunteer at a shelter, grow a garden, change the course of your nightly walk, say hello to a stranger, drive a different way to work, go to a different grocery store, get that radical haircut or hair color you’ve been afraid of (it grows back), go donate blood, go on a picnic, visit your local pub or diner that you’ve never had time for…heck you could even go to the “early bird special” to do some good people watching.  Whatever the adventure, remember that in most cases it will not find you but you must be open enough to find it; you will also not know the fun that awaits until you are smack dab in the middle of it.  Kinda like the little bit of the ocean in the middle of my dining room.

The most innocent of journeys can lead to the grandest adventures.


Amy Chastek, Director of Career Services

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  1. Jacqueline Caldwell permalink
    March 18, 2010 9:21 am

    Wow! Thanks for sharing the photo, Amy!The picture is breathtaking. Choiceortunity #46 is truly inspiring. It’s 4:13 a.m. here and I can’t wait until morning to take in a little adventure!

    Jacqueline Caldwell

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