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Congratulations to Aaron Bowersock!

January 29, 2010











Herzing student Aaron Bowersock and his self-created avatar pictured above.

For today’s Faces of Herzing we have some exciting news to announce!  Congratulations go out to Herzing University Online’s Aaron Bowersock for earning second place honors in the Career College Association’s annual conference logo design competition.  The Career College Association (CCA) represents Herzing and others like it on a national level that focus on helping students launch careers by developing skills and knowledge which can be directly applied to their career field.

Aaron’s logo (pictured here) was one selected to represent Herzing University in the contest.  He recently received the news that of all of the logos submitted by students from CCA member schools across the country, his earned second place honors.  Aaron’s nationally recognized design was developed based around this year’s CCA annual conference theme:  “Winning Hand… Education, Jobs and a Globally Competitive Workforce.” 

Aaron is a current Associate of Science in Graphic Design student at Herzing University Online scheduled to graduate in 2011.  He utilized much of his training from the ASGD program to develop the award winning design.  Additionally he enjoys many aspects of design including sharpening his skills and learning new techniques to keep up with the ever evolving world of design.  Most recently he learned new techniques to develop his own avatar (pictured above). 

Herzing University Online is pleased to congratulate Aaron Bowersock on his winning design!

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