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Cake, pay it forward.

January 20, 2010

I like to believe that every human is an inherently good person; it’s naive to think so but it sure feels good to think so.  Feeling like our community takes care of its members is a good feeling and gives you hope.  In trying to live this in my everyday life out and about in Wisconsin I am the dork who pulls aside the road to carry a turtle across it so it doesn’t get hit by a car, always stop for someone with a flat tire looking like they need assistance and always an willing to help my fellow Wisconsinites battle winter by lending neighbors a hand with snow blowing and giving people a “shove” when they are stuck.

This brings me to cake.  Last week I had a meeting with a woman from the Volunteer Center of Milwaukee (great organization – check them out) and we went to this quaint little restored home turned bistro called Birdie’s Cafe.  As I parked I could see a woman ahead of me trying to get out of the slushy, snowy mix that had blessed us with its presence a couple of days earlier.  So my lunch buddy and I walked over and asked if she needed help.  Luckily I had changed into my boots and out of the heels I was wearing earlier in the day so I wasn’t afraid of a little slushy snow however I was still wearing a dress.  The two of us women started to push.  We pushed forward.  We pushed backwards.  We rocked to and fro.  No movement.  After five minutes of failure, out came “the boys”.  One of whom I think was the owner of Birdie’s Café and one of their staffers carrying a shovel.  With their assistance and a little more tenacity we were able to free her Explorer from the clenches of the snow but not before her left rear tire covered me head to toe with the slushy, snowy and a little dirty mix of winter greatness.  We all had a good laugh because this is typical of what happens when you live in Wisconsin in January and then headed into the Café to warm up and carry on with our days.

The woman who we had helped followed us into the Café and offered to buy us lunch.  We politely said no and asked her to just simply pay it forward.  However she insisted on buying us cake and who in their right mind turns down free cake?  My lunch buddy and I obliged and ended up sharing a wonderful (and huge) piece of rich, dark chocolate cake which is pictured above.

My point in all of this is to take notice of those around you who might be in need.  Something as simple as a little help battling the elements builds faith in the goodness around us and the kindness of strangers.  It strengthens our communities and our cities making the world a much more positive and energetic place.  Reaching out to the people around you is easy and you never know there might be a good laugh and a piece of cake in it for you.

Amy Chastek, Director of Career Services

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  1. 5kidswdisabilities permalink
    January 21, 2010 1:02 am

    What a wonderful philosophy! If only the whole world thought that way!
    Lindsey Petersen

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