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Choiceortunity #37

January 12, 2010

This week’s Choiceortunity
Giggles and Grins

Laughter is a powerful tool. In our busy and often chaotic lives I think we sometimes forget to stop and have a good chuckle. Ask yourself, do you see humor in each and every day? Do you laugh at yourself? If you answered “no” you need to slow down and see the hilarity, giggles and grins that surround each and every one of us.

Bill Cosby said of laughter, “If you can laugh at it, you can survive it.”

When we laugh we…*

• lower our blood pressure.
• promote relaxation and reduce stress.
• increase the oxygen level in our blood giving us more energy.
• increase the endorphin activity in our body resulting in a sense of well being.
• are able to keep things in perspective.
• banish boredom.
• are more socially attractive. People enjoy being with those who laugh easily and often.
• increase our enjoyment of life.

I challenge each of you to embrace the joy you can gain from letting go and having yourself a good laugh. If you need a little help, this short YouTube video originally from the TV show America’s Funniest Home Videos will get you giggling. Click here to view and enjoy!

Please, take time to giggle and grin, you’ll be grateful you did.

Amy Chastek, Director of Career Services

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  1. January 16, 2010 12:46 am

    This was so funny to watch. The laughter was contagious! I’m sure I released a lot of enforphin.
    Jacqueline Caldwell

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