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Choiceortunity #36

December 29, 2009


Shared Resolutions

Last week some of the career services staff sat down and made a list of our “resolutions” for 2010, we came up with a bunch of them. Some of them are personal and some of them are work-related but all (well most) of them can be achieved. I thought I would share some of the highlights with you today. Tammy and Rob were on vacation so they are not on the list.

• Conquer and then save the world (ok a little lofty)
• Make sushi at home with rice on the outside
• Reach level 1000 in Mafia Wars (Geek)
• Go on a ghost hunting trip with my best friend and our sons next summer

• Go camping at least three times
• Go on a trip to Europe
• Escape from having to wear the LEW mascot costume

• Travel to four states she has never visited before
• Have 90% of her MA students secure proctors
• Make a soufflé

• Learn to cook
• Join a gym
• Learn to speak Chinese

• Stop drinking soda
• Go ice fishing with her father
• Make some curtains

• Carpet the basement
• Repaint the closet in the den

Then we started to talk about shared resolutions, things that we could do together, that we could support each other on. These are much more rewarding as they are team goals and they benefit more than one person. Here are some of my favorites:

• Win three awards in 2010 for Career Services!
• See Herzing Online reach 3000 students
• Win next year’s Halloween costume contest
• Use up some of our vacation time (Kay/Amy)
• GRADUATE from Masters Programs! (Kay in May, Amy in August, Ann in December)
• Celebrate graduation! (Kay in May, Amy in August, Ann in December)
• Start running (Holly/Kay)
• Watch Holly and Kay run (Amy, Jennifer and Julie)
• Start a Herzing Online kickball and bowling team
• Donate blood on a regular basis

The shared resolution is better because everything is more fun when you have company and support. I have also resolved to sit with my children and make “family resolutions” for the next year so we can have some goals to work together towards. Not only will this allow us to encourage each other but give us a GREAT excuse to spend time together.

My challenge to you with today’s choiceortunity is to find someone to share a goal or resolution with. That person might be a family member, a classmate or a co-worker. Whoever you choose and whatever goal you decide upon you’ll find that the shared resolution is a valuable way to reach those goals and have fun while doing so.

Herzing University Online wishes you a safe and happy 2010.

Amy Chastek, Director of Career Services

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