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A Special Holiday Story from Two Herzing Students

December 18, 2009


Sometimes in life we think that we have it so bad and we tend to dwell on “poor me.” This Christmas, money is really tight in my home and it is very sad for me that I don’t even have money to buy my children or grandchildren a single present. There are shut off notices for every utility bill and my car payment is two months behind. A few weeks ago I fell asleep wondering, how will I fix this? How in the world will I pay all these bills, still be able to get at least one gift for each child, and buy a Christmas tree? Well, I woke up without a solution to my problem but I had a need in my heart to help someone that has it even worse than I do. So I laid there and thought about what I can do to spread the joy of Christmas and put a smile on someone else’s face that otherwise would have been forgotten. Instantly the Lord put the answer within my heart and thoughts. I’ve worked in nursing most of my life and I’ve seen how many elderly people are forgotten. This year at least one of these hospitals will be remembered. I will be arriving at Montclair Manor on Monday, December 21 with a Santa Claus to deliver presents to all the patients. I’ve managed to make this possible with the help of my loving sister Phyllis Shubin, who is also a student at Herzing.  This happened by going to businesses in our area and asking for donations to purchase these gifts. We were stunned to see how many were willing to help us and how much this has touched our community. Christmas morning in my home may not be full of smiling children opening gifts but it will be a Christmas that we will all remember not because of the gifts that we received but because of the ones we were able to give and the joy we brought to others. Thank you Phyllis for being such a great sister and for making my Christmas this year so special. I could not have done this without your help. As always you proved to not only be my sister but my best friend.

Happy Holidays to All,

Brenda Leyva

The photo above features sisters and Herzing University students Brenda Leyva and Phyllis Shubin pictured at Phyllis’ wedding.

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