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Make it a GREAT Day!

December 16, 2009

How many times during each work day do you tell a colleague or client to “Have a great day”? It is a perfectly friendly and polite saying that is stated frequently. I must use the phrase 20+ times during each work day.

Instead of “Have a great day” one of my previous bosses used to say “Make it a great day.” He even went as far as closing his emails with “Make it a great day.” At the time I thought this was strange but now it makes perfect sense. There is a distinct difference between having and making it a great day. That variation can easily be the difference between fate controlling the day’s outcome and you being in control of the day’s happiness and good fortune.

In the Herzing University Online Career Services Department, we take every opportunity to make the day great, fun, and exciting. How? We celebrate anything and everything. First and foremost, we celebrate the big stuff – namely graduates getting jobs. When one of our job seekers lands a great job, a series of bells and whistles resounds through the halls of Herzing University informing the rest of the staff that the celebration is about to begin. This alert is promptly followed the Career Service’s rendition of the one and only “Someone Got A Job” dance. Celebrating an accomplishment of this magnitude in such a festive way makes the day great.

We discovered that within our department there is a birthday or un-birthday (aka half-birthday) during nearly every month of the year. We also enjoy recognizing our Herzaversaries (aka Herzing University anniversary). Celebrating the small stuff right along with the big stuff makes the day great.

But what about the days that seem a little blah and you can’t even use one of the above mentioned reasons to celebrate? Then how can you make it a great day? First off, think of everything that is good about your current situation. What opportunities are currently available to you that wouldn’t be around if your situation was different? My bet is you will quickly develop a substantial list of good things on which you can dwell to shed a more positive light on the day. Maybe a client gave you a compliment or you closed a big sale or you made a customer smile. Those are the occurrences to celebrate and all ways to make your day great.

Celebrate the big stuff, the small stuff, and everything in between. Celebrate meeting a new business contact, a client thanking you for your help, a student getting a job, a co-worker’s birthday, your bosses un-birthday, your work anniversary, your pet fish’s birthday, a happy Tuesday… Okay you get the idea, just make it great.

So, the day is in your hands, what will you make of it?

Kay Eilers, Associate Director of Career Services, Herzing University Online

Feel free to email me at and check out Herzing University Online at

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