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Maybe they’re just not that into you; how to know your interview went well.

December 10, 2009

Job interviews can be a daunting adventure in patience, stress management and public speaking. Furthermore, leaving an interview with the “I nailed it” feeling is priceless. A natural tendency is to think about what the interviewer or interviewers thought about you and the interview.

While it is impossible to jump into an interviewer’s head there are clues you can look for that can lead you to the overall impact you made on the interviewer. Here are some things to watch for:

• Eye contact. Does the interviewer make eye contact with you or do they seem to be distant? If they are avoiding eye contact they may be disengaged and losing interest in what you are saying.

• Smiling is a great indicator that the interviewer is enjoying your interview. If they are smiling, taking notes and drilling into questions they like what they see and hear. If they are stoic and reserved, it is a sign that they may not be engaged or interested.

• Do they cut you off while you are speaking? This is a sign that they either don’t like where they see you heading or they’ve heard too much already.

• Do they explain the “next steps” and give you a firm timeline in which they hope to have a decision made? A wishy-washy timeline might be an indication that they aren’t interested.

• Do they ask you if you have any questions? A good interviewer will always leave room for the person being interviewed to ask questions. If they don’t care about your questions they probably aren’t interested in being your employer.

• Ask yourself if your interview lasted the whole time allotted for it? Did it go over or did it seem to be called short? An interview that lasts longer than the allotted timeframe is a good indicator that they are interested. An interview that is cut short often means not interested.

• Did they introduce you to any of your potential co-workers? If the answer is yes then they are looking to see how you interacted, even for a short time, with the team. This is a good sign.

Again while it is impossible to know what an interviewer is thinking about your interview it is possible to get a sense of how it went. Regardless of the success or failure of the interview, the best thing you can do is be sure to follow up with a thank you note and indicate that you are interested and ready to go to work. For more information on determining if you interview went well read our blog: How You Can Tell Your Interview Went Well.

Amy Chastek, Director of Career Services, Herzing University Online

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