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Meet Herzing Student David Valentin

December 9, 2009

David Valentin

Master of Business Administration

Class of 2010


I enrolled in the Herzing campus in Winter Park, FL in July of 2006 to pursue my Bachelor of Science in Technology Management. It was such a great experience that I decided to continue and complete my MBA with Herzing Online. I tried college right out of high school and failed miserably.  After a very enlighten few years in the Navy, I realized an education was key to earning more pay and getting out of hard labor and low wages.  After enrolling at Herzing, I was nervous because my experience with a previous institution where I completed my Associate degree was not a good one.  But enrolling at Herzing allowed me to grow as a professional and my education has opened new doors for me. Currently I work in the biomedical department of a local hospital, managing and repairing 4,000 pieces of medical equipment. Recently thanks to my new degree I am happy to report my pay has increased considerably. Next year I will be up for promotion, and I am sure the MBA will open new doors and opportunities in the future. At times I wanted to quit because it was hard manage school, work and family, but I kept at it and continue to do so. I encourage all of you to continue working on your education.  We owe that to the ones we love and to ourselves.

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