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Choiceortunity #32

December 1, 2009


Find the Adventure.

My friend Marc is a movie producer. Yes, a real movie producer, the Hollywood, action film type. I chatted with him last night about his latest “movie producer adventure”. He is currently in Romania scouting out locations for a new project set to film in spring. In addition to Romania, they will be filming in England and Italy. I am crawling with jealousy. I want to be in Romania. I want to be scouting movie locations! It seems so unreal, uncharted and unique; like a once in a lifetime adventure with a mysterious air about it.

Reality: it’s his job.

Having known Marc through several movie shoots, I know the reality of his job. As fun and adventurous as it may be it is also hard and lonely. The movie crews work long fifteen hour plus days, with no solid sleep schedule and are far from home for months at a time away from the people they love. Not to mention putting up with the antics of the “stars” (oh yes, I have stories) and being at the beck and call of the director’s every whim. The “adventure” loses its appeal after about two weeks.

But I still want to be a movie producer.

Even knowing how very hard his job is doesn’t deter my illusions of grandeur with it; I want to have the opportunities for adventure that Marc has. However, thinking about it, I do. There are opportunities to seek out adventure in each and every day. It may be a wrong turn on a freeway, saying hello to a stranger, trying a new restaurant or going on a walk through a new neighborhood; there is adventure there. Trying a new approach, taking on new responsibilities, finding success in whatever it is that you do; there is adventure there too. Heck, something as simple as a haircut can become an adventure. I think that we can, if we like, choose to find a little bit of adventure in every day and in turn learn a little bit about ourselves and the people around us too. So while my position with Herzing University is unlikely to send me to Romania any time soon, I can seek joy in Marc’s adventure and take solace in enjoying my own here in Milwaukee, WI.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” – Andre Gide

Ask yourself, what adventure today will bring you?


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