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Will Your New Employer Be Saying Wow?

November 10, 2009

Landing a position with a new company is the first hurdle to successful employment. After you’ve landed that job you need to put your best foot forward, making an impression that will allow you to advance within that organization. Here are a couple of easy to do pointers that will have your employer saying WOW.


Volunteer. Are they looking for someone to help out on a special project or a team assignment? Volunteer to take it on. Not only will you be seen as a “go-getter” but you will have the opportunity to meet people outside of your department. However if you are volunteering to take on more work, be sure that your other work doesn’t suffer and that you don’t have outstanding projects that you should be getting your attention.

Say YES! When asked to take on a project or task, say “YES” with excitement and resolve. Employers like to see people with initiative and a “can do” attitude.

Can I? Ask your employer what you can do for them from time to time. “Is there anything I can do to help you?” This will cement your employer’s view of you being helpful, considerate and a team player. Too they may give you some of their work to do! This will allow you the opportunity to learn about something new and to have some additional responsibility.

Go the Extra Mile. Don’t be afraid to be that employee that volunteers to stay late and go above and beyond the call of duty. You employer will appreciate your willingness to go that extra mile for the organization.

Steer Clear. Stay away from drama and don’t get caught up in office politics. Gossip, complaining and negative remarks should be kept out of the office. Period.

Network! Never turn down any opportunity to network outside and inside of your organization. Introduce yourself to everyone you meet, shake their hand and learn a little bit about what they do. If your organization is involved in outside activities like the chamber of commerce, business associations or charity events, attend them. The connections you can make are priceless.

Leverage your Lunch. Stay away from sitting at your desk during lunch or sticking your nose in a book. Instead talk to the people around you. Learn what they do, what department they work in and what their interests are. The larger your internal network, the better.

Tell Time. Make sure that you show up for work and meetings on time. Watch your deadlines and be sure to meet them. The employer depends on you!

Ask Questions. The power of knowledge and understanding not only your job but how the business operates will give you an edge when it comes to promotion time.

Working your way up the ladder at your new position will take time, but following these simple tips will help you be seen, noticed and most importantly appreciated.


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