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Google Yourself!

November 4, 2009

Google Yourself Pic

Are you searching for a job? Well then you need to Google yourself!  Look at it from the employer’s perspective: They want to find more out about the person who they just interviewed or the person who submitted their resume – but how do they do that? GOOGLE!  81% of employers are going to Google you before they hire you and you’ll want them to find positive information on the internet about you. 

I do have to say that after Googling my name, I’m not terribly surprised as to what came up. I am thankful that nothing too bad came up under the name Tammy Hartley. I’m not the only Tammy Hartley in the world, and I’m sure someone out there has the same name as you!  The worst that came up were: Myspace: “Tammy Loves Dwayne 4 Ever” and Flickr Photo Albums with my name on them.  Just to let you know, I don’t love Dwayne 4 Ever nor do I know whose photos are in that particular photo album. 

Out of 29 search results on the first three pages, five of the hits were actually me, while 24 of the hits were people with the same name as me.  Four of the hits were actually from blogging about career related topics and one hit was my Twitter Account.  If you’re on social networking sites, you’ll want to reconsider changing your privacy settings if you feel your information is not as professional as it should be.  Things such as photos and the things that your friends say to you on your “wall” might not be something you want your future or current employer seeing. 

On the other hand, if your social networking sites are as professional as can be, by all means make sure they’re well known.  You can change what pops up on Google searches over the course of a few months.  If you haven’t started a blog about your job search – it’s a great way to get some attention on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn page. 

I encourage you to Google yourself today, find out what’s out there on the internet under YOUR NAME HERE, and start to strategize what your next step is to make sure you’ve got positive search results under your name.  Happy Googling!!

Feel free to email me at and check out Herzing University Online at   Are you an employer looking for an employee?  Click here to see our available graduates.

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