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The Benefits of Volunteering

October 28, 2009

Volunteering is always a hot topic so the Department of Career Services here at Herzing University Online is here to share with you some of the best parts of spending your time helping in your community. A volunteer is someone who jumps in to help to benefit someone else, however that doesn’t mean there can’t be some value for the volunteer as well. The following are some benefits to volunteering for your consideration:

Real Results
First and foremost, the best part about volunteering is giving back to the community. Volunteers are able to take a step back and see what areas of the community are the most intriguing and focus on those. As you delve into volunteering, you will be amazed to see how the time and energy spent giving back to your community really does make a difference. As your volunteer efforts continue, you will enjoy seeing the real results developed from your hard work.

While spending time making your community a better place to be, your volunteering efforts also serve as a great way to launch your own networking efforts. As you dig in to help out, take a look around to determine who else shares your passion. Seek out those individuals by introducing yourself and committing to stay connected. No one said you can’t benefit from your good deeds as well so make the most of your time spent volunteering.

Skill Development
Volunteering is a great way to develop new skill sets or further develop the talents you already possess. Whether you’re diving into a new career or you’re interested in a new career path, volunteering is a great way to learn new skills. Research what you’re interested in learning and ask if you could volunteer some of your time towards their charity. By volunteering your time, you can gain a breadth of knowledge depending on the things that you volunteer for.

Feel Good
What better way to feel good about yourself than to volunteer. It gives you a chance to work with others on a project that’s doing good deeds for others who are in need of your assistance. I know that during the holiday’s it’s always more fun for me to get gifts for others than receiving gifts. I enjoy thinking about others and what would make them feel good themselves. This also works the same as when volunteering. You’re putting others’ needs in front of your own, and ultimately you’ll feel great about it.

Social Responsibility Circle
Herzing University has started a group to get its students geared up for volunteering in their hometowns. As said before, there are many benefits of volunteering, and here at Herzing, we want to add to those benefits. Students receive a documented transcript of the hours and specific volunteer opportunities that they have participated in throughout their education. Students are encouraged to share their volunteer experiences with their peers in the Social Responsibility Circle group.

The bottom line is that volunteering has its benefits, both for you and others around you. Get out there and volunteer, you never know what you’ll learn!!

*Kay and Tammy*

To find out more about Herzing University Online please visit us on the web at or contact us at 866-508-0748, ext 240. If you are an employer looking for a GREAT employee, please check out our interactive job seeker map by clicking here.

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