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Choiceortunity #28

October 26, 2009


Get your VOLUNTEER on!
SRC Trans
The holiday season is fast approaching; soon you will see bell ringers for the Salvation Army, food donation barrels at your grocery store and calls to action from entities like Coats for Kids and Toys for Tots. It is the season of giving and volunteering. I am a firm believer that volunteering starts at home and is something you can make part of your life from a very young age. My 15 and 13 year olds are volunteering at a haunted house to raise money for the Make Wish Foundation. Not only are they having a ton of fun scaring people and doing something good for the world but they are also getting academic credit at their school and building material for their college applications and future job opportunities. They also feel GREAT having done something for someone else.

Volunteering is a GREAT tool for the job search and can really help put your resume at the top of the pile. Employers look fondly upon those who take time to help make the world a better place. In fact, it may be the deciding factor when comparing two equally qualified candidates. This brings me to the “Social Responsibility Circle (SRC)” that Herzing University Online sponsors to aid our students in their quest to volunteer and to also share your great stories. Here is a little more about the SRC:

The Social Responsibility Circle at Herzing University to help promote excellence in your community!! This group supports getting involved by volunteering in your neighborhood while being an ambassador for Herzing University. I encourage you to find a volunteer site and donate your time to benefit others in need. Please feel free to chat with your peers on the discussion board about your experiences while volunteering.


– Networking with others in your hometown to find opportunities to advance in your career
– Add this experience to your resume
– Share your professional skills to gain experience
– Great for your professional portfolio
– Gain leadership skills
– Set an example for your children or family
– Break away from your daily routine and have fun!

You may request a form to track your volunteer hours from Tammy Hartley. When you graduate from Herzing, you will receive a letter (like a volunteer transcript!) documenting the number of hours volunteered throughout your college career. Submit all timesheets and direct any questions to Tammy Hartley at or call 866-508-0748 ext, 842. More information about the SRC can be found in the community pages on HcNet.

Would you like to share your volunteer story with us and inspire you fellow students? We’d love to hear from you, just click here to share your story with the Herzing University student body.

So my challenge to you this week is to “Get your VOLUNTEER on!” Make a difference in the world, in your community and in your heart.


PS. Don’t forget to visit the Herzing E-Store

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