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Choiceortunity #26

October 12, 2009


Love your Mentor
   Show Spelled Pronunciation [men-tawr, -ter]
1. a wise and trusted counselor or teacher.
2. an influential senior sponsor or supporter.

In career services we preach that you need to find yourself a mentor. A mentor is someone who guides you, gives you their insight and their professional advice. I have been very lucky to have had some GREAT mentors during the course of my career in education. Betty, my former Dean at the technical college and Renee Herzing the President of the Herzing University System have both been exceptional examples to emulate and seek advice from. They have taught me much about student services, leading a team of employees and too, some hard lessons along the way. The “calm down and think Amy moments” that I’ve stumbled on from time to time that turned into valuable lessons on leadership, management and life.

You NEED a mentor. They provide valuable insight from a perspective that you may not have or may not have thought of, inspiration to succeed and a vision of the future. Mentors provide career development advice, industry contacts and support when you need it. As a Herzing University Online student you are most fortunate to have a mentor program literally at your fingertips!

The TEAM Connection

The TEAM Connection mentor forum allows you to network with a successful Herzing graduate who acts as your mentor in an online setting and a team of Herzing students who share the same program and goals as you. The TEAM Connection is a great way to learn about the industry you are seeking your new career in, share excitement about your educational journey and build a support system of others furthering their education.

When you started your education with Herzing you were invited to join the TEAM Connection. I encourage and challenge you to leverage this free service provided by Herzing University to use your Herzing graduate mentor as a resource and industry specialist while networking with other Herzing learners. Please let our Mentor Administrator, Kay Eilers, know if you are unsure of your login information for your TEAM Connection group, she is happy to get you re-connected. You may reach her at or ext 820.

For more information on Herzing University you can visit us at or give me a call at 866-508-0748, ext 859. Are you an employer looking for a great employee? Visit our interactive job seeker map by clicking here.

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