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Job Searching: Use the Buddy System

September 29, 2009

shaking handsEveryone knows that when you decide to start your job search, it is one of the most tedious and time consuming things a person can do. But you are not alone! There are plenty of people who are trying to find a job right now, and I’m sure that if you ask around, a few of your friends are searching as well. Well, why not find a Job Search Buddy? Someone that will be there to lean on, someone that will be there to lend an ear when you need to vent…and someone to compete with!

Deciding to partner up with a Job Search Buddy is probably the best decision you could make in your job search. Your buddy is going to be an excellent source for new ideas on how to search. People have their normal ways to search for new jobs, but there are always new and unexplored avenues of searching, and your buddy will be there to share their ideas with you. You two can compare and contrast what works, and what does NOT work at all. This way you will learn new techniques, your buddy will learn new things, and it’s a win-win situation.

Sometimes you just need someone to listen to your complaints about the job search. Sure, you have your friends, family and neighbors, but these people don’t really understand because they aren’t in your shoes. Your Job Search Buddy is going through all the same things you are, spending hours searching, revamping resumes, rejections, and they will know exactly how you feel when you need to vent, and they can totally sympathize with you. Who doesn’t love that?

There is always something to be said for a little friendly competition to get you motivated. Who better to compete with than your Job Search Buddy? Try keeping track of your accomplishments throughout the job search and encourage your buddy to do the same. By keeping a job search log, you will have plenty to brag about when talking with your buddy and that person will be able to do the same. If your buddy is the first to uncover a hot new job listing or a fabulous resource for job seekers, this will keep you motivated to be the one to discover the next big thing.

Most importantly, a Job Search Buddy provides a level of support that you might not get anywhere else. Your buddy will cheer you on every step of the way because they understand just how challenging the job search can be. By having someone else to confide in that is going through the same situation, you will have a constant stream of support to keep you going.
Job searching is tough – we all know that. However, that does not mean you have to do it alone. Find a Job Search Buddy to share the tough times right along with the great times. Two heads are certainly better than one while job searching so find a buddy and start searching!

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Happy Searching!

Ann and Kay

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