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Charnell Conley, Class of 2010

September 18, 2009

Microsoft Word - Charnell Conely

My name is Charnell M. Conley and I will graduate of 2010. When I started the program I had two children, Alexis who is 5 and Alex who is 4. Since then I have been blessed with another daughter Ashley Payton Baxter, who is now three months. I have enjoyed my educational journey so far and will continue on without stopping. I have had many jobs that were at a dead end and now I have realized how important it is for an education. When I lost my last job after being there for six years, I made a promise to myself to go back to school and finally finish. My mother has always told me that your education is something no one can take away from you, and I BELIEVE THAT!!! The people at Herzing University have been ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!! Once I finish the Associate program, I will enroll in the Bachelor program in Health Information Management. I have bragged about this University so much that I have 4 co-workers that have enrolled and they will be graduating too. I am so grateful for this school. I have enjoyed my educational journey and will continue to spread the word about Herzing University’s famous motto, “Education works, and so do our Graduates.”

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