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Volunteering = Experience

September 11, 2009

You’ve heard it before, and you’ll hear it again – Volunteering is a great way to boost your resume and career.  The key to doing this is to volunteer for organizations that could really use your skills and knowledge for their benefit.  There are a lot of organizations out there that are in need of specifically skilled individuals to volunteer their services.  Take for example, while I was in college I volunteered my knowledge of education and took time to help out at a school for underprivileged children as well as an after school program for mentally challenged students.  They appreciated my volunteered time, while I enjoyed spending time with the students and gaining experience to put on my resume.

What organization most interests you? Is there something that you’d love to help out with and be a part of? Check it out – see if they have any volunteer opportunities for you within the organization.  Are you currently out of a job, or would like to change career paths? Sometimes it’s difficult to break into a new career with no experience; a volunteer opportunity is a great experience to put on your resume that shows you’ve taken an extra step towards that career.  Who knows, that volunteer opportunity could turn into something positive for you – a job, a networking opportunity, or a reference. Today, take some time to think about what volunteer opportunity you could take part in to leverage your career into something better for yourself (while benefiting others that need your help).

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