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How You Can Tell Your Interview Went Well

September 8, 2009


How You Can Tell Your Interview Went Well

Ever get out of your interview and think to yourself, “Did I just answer all of those questions to the best of my ability? Did I impress them? Do I really have a shot at this job?” Think back and replay the interview in your mind. There are some clues to let you know your interview went well.

Staff Introductions- Did the interviewers take you around to meet the staff who you could potentially be working with? Were you introduced to any higher ups, such as the president? This could be a sure sign that you’re the one for the job!

Reference List Request- If the employer is truly interested; they will probably request your reference list (which should have been brought to the interview with you). That way, they can look into your work history to get an idea of your work ethic, character, etc. If they were uninterested, they wouldn’t feel the need to request this.

Discuss Salary- If this topic is brought up, it is a sure sign that they are interested in possibly hiring you. An interviewer would not take the time to ask about your required salary, if they didn’t really have you in mind for the position.

Second Interview- If the potential employer invites you back for a second interview; this is also a plus. There is no way that a company would waste the time on a candidate with a second interview if they did not consider you a good fit for the position.

When Can You Start? – If a company is truly interested in you, they will pose the question, “When can you start?” They want to know how soon you will be able to make the transition from your old position to your new role with their company.

If you have experienced any of the five signs above, then you have a pretty good shot at landing the job. Remember, no matter how great you think your interview went, always send a thank you note letting the organization know that you appreciate them taking the time to interview you!

Best of luck!

Jennifer DeVerney & Ann Leicht

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