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Goal Setting Makes Dreams A Reality

August 26, 2009

Often times we are asked to explore our long term goals – our ten-year plan if you will.  While I love to dream and think of the possibilities, actually drawing out my road map for the next ten years is extremely overwhelming.  When tasked with creating my plan, I start out with a lofty goal – something that I hope to accomplish at some point in my career or lifetime.  After a bit of dreaming I have a fairly good idea of what success will look like.  The important part of any goal setting is considering how to get there.  These are mini-goals along the way which help to keep me motivated until I reach that goal.


In the past weeks, Amy, the Director of Career Services here at Herzing, has sent out an email each morning with her goal and asks each member of our team to share his or her goal for the day as well.  What a great idea!  We are talking small goals here.  Today mine was to finish this blog.  This blog has been in the works for a week or so.  Let me tell you, it feels great to actually finish it!

If we use a similar approach with strategizing for a job search, this overwhelming task seems much more manageable.  Generally, most individuals that are ready to launch a full-fledged job search are in transition.  Either the individual lost his or her job, just completed school, recently moved, or is in a negative situation with his or her current employment.  What better time to dream than when you are at a crossroads!

The job search can be overwhelming and frustrating if all we focus on is the end goal of landing a job.  Because of this, I encourage all of our Herzing University job seekers to set mini-goals to use as stepping stones to meet the larger goal.  With the job search, setting the big picture goal is easy.  Creating and staying motivated about those mini-milestones along the path to the final goal is the tricky part.

The average job search takes several months.  It is easy to become discouraged when the focus is landing a job.  So what can job seekers do to stay motivated in between time?  Set mini-goals!  As a job seeker, I encourage you to plan out each and every day of your job search with a mini-goal.  Write it down.  Tell someone about your daily goal.  Heck, you can email me your goal if you would like! This will hold you accountable for achieving it.  For example, your goal could be to build your professional network by seeking out two new contacts.  Or, your focus for the day could be submitting your resume to at least five job listings.  How about making your daily goal to follow up with all of the applications submitted in the last week?  The sky is the limit with daily goal setting – it is just a matter of considering what is necessary to meet the end goal and breaking it into smaller achievements.

Today I want you to spend some time dreaming about what the end goal looks like and then strategize with some mini-goals needed to reach that point.  As simple as this may seem, you will be amazed at how fantastic it feels to cross some of those goals off of your list.

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  1. September 2, 2009 8:09 am

    Goal setting does make a dream reality. Staying committed and determination is the key to success. Make realistic goals and stay focused for completion of set goals. Successful goals builds self esteem and self confidence, making the achievement become reality. The focus is pursuit of successful goals in life. Only you can make your dreams become a reality. It takes being ambitious and committed to get the success of accomplishing your set goals.

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