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Herzing University Online wins the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Workplace Flexibility and Effectiveness.

August 24, 2009

Herzing University Online, Recognized for Workplace Flexibility and Effectiveness Herzing University Online to be awarded prestigious Alfred P. Sloan Award at an event hosted by FUEL Milwaukee on September 10, 2009. August 10, 2009 — Milwaukee, WI — Herzing University Online was named a winner of the 2009 Alfred P. Sloan Award for Business Excellence in Workplace Flexibility, distinguishing Herzing University Online as a leading practitioner of workplace flexibility in Wisconsin and across the nation.


The Sloan Awards recognize organizations that are dedicated to making work “work” for both the employer and employees. Representing employers of all sizes and types, winners of this prestigious award not only offer excellent workplace flexibility practices, but also use flexibility as a strategic business tool to enhance organizational effectiveness benefiting employees. Herzing’s high-energy, team atmosphere and employee-focused policies support a healthy balance between work and home. Darren Pitzner, a former Milwaukee, Wis. resident, moved his position to Denver when he relocated earlier this year. “When my fiancé and I moved to Denver, management at Herzing bent over backwards to accommodate my request to stay with the company,” he stated. “[Herzing] has demonstrated the support, flexibility, and teamwork to be a great asset in the development of my career. The same caring attitude that they deliver to students applies to how employees are treated also.”

Michelle Knighton, Program Chair and instructor, agrees. “Herzing University Online has given me the opportunity to work remotely from the comfort of my own home and provides the flexibility to maintain a positive balance between both my professional and personal objectives.”

Director of Military Education, Phil Barone, enjoys his ability to work remotely. “Herzing epitomizes a culture of honesty, integrity, and great work ethic, and this is shown throughout the organization, starting at the top. I am proud to work for a University that truly places its employees and students first!”

“I love working here at Herzing University,” stated Business Partnerships Administrator, Jon Gilliard. “One reason is flexibility of your work schedule when this little thing called “life” occurs. I recently lost a family member and the love and support I received during that time made me appreciate my co-workers and managers; they were genuinely concerned about my well-being. Herzing University realizes a happy worker is a productive worker.”

“I am so grateful to be working for a company that respects me as an employee, and also cares about my family,” says Sharonda H. Simmons, Associate Director of Admissions. “As a military spouse, I have been in many situations where I have needed flexibility and moral support during my husband’s deployment overseas, and Herzing University always provided it for me without hesitation! I couldn’t work for a better organization!”

Dave Seckman, Curriculum Management Production Specialist, appreciated Herzing’s flexibility when finishing his master’s degree. “Herzing provided me the flexibility to restructure my schedule, which allowed me the appropriate balance between responsibilities in both my job and my education. I was able to meet my goals: graduating on time, receiving distinction for my academic achievements, and succeeding in the workplace.”

As a 2009 winner of the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Excellence in Workplace Flexibility, Herzing University Online will be featured in a full page ad in USA Today, be officially congratulated in the Congressional Record of the US Senate, and have its company profile featured in the “Bold New Ideas for Making Work Work” publication put out by the Families and Work Institute.

The Sloan Awards are presented as part of the When Work Works project, an ongoing initiative of Families and Work Institute, the Institute for a Competitive Workforce (ICW), an affiliate of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, and the Twiga Foundation.

About Herzing University Online: “Career-focused, Convenient, Caring” education is the motto of Herzing University. Caring is an integral part of the culture; faculty and staff are hired as much for that characteristic as for their credentials and experience. Convenience is illustrated by the flexibility of Herzing’s online courses, which offers the ability to log into classes whenever and wherever the student chooses. Career-focused academic programs provide real-world skills practice and application of course material. The University also places a strong emphasis on graduate employment – despite a tough economy, 97% of available 2008 Herzing University Online graduates found work in their field of study.

Founded in 1965, Herzing has campuses located throughout the U.S. and Canada. The nine U.S. campuses and the Online campus are regionally accredited and offer diploma, associate degree, and bachelor’s degree programs in the fields of technology, business, health care, design and public safety, in addition to four online MBA degrees offered by the Online campus, which is headquartered in Milwaukee, Wis. Herzing University is accredited by The Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association,

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