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An open letter to the Herzing Staff

July 7, 2009

To Herzing College Staff:

I just want to say that my life has changed a lot since attending Herzing College Online. Even though you can’t feel my gratitude, I want to take this time to express myself to you and explain why you brighten my world so much.

It’s a long story and I’ll try to make it short!! I am now only 25 years old. I had four children by the time I was 23 years old. I felt like I had not met any goal in my life but one thing for sure was that I wanted to go to college…I just didn’t know where to start.Katrina Harris 2

Herzing College took me in and gave me a chance. I started college January of 2007. My home burned down to the ground in July 2007, nothing was saved. The only thing my family had was the clothing on our backs. My insurance had ended and I gave up on everything. I said I was quitting college because I didn’t have the money to replace my books and I was in the middle of a semester. About two days later I went to a friend’s house and saw all these emails about how important it was to attend class. I just decided to email back stating what had happen and why I had not logged in. The whole staff, even the FA team emailed me, not questioning me about school but about my family, what can WE do to help.

At that moment I realized, these people care about me as a person not just as a student but me as me!! The staff straightened everything out and I was able to continue my education.

This meant and means so much to me because you gave me hope. Herzing College Online gave me the resources and Katrina Harris 1the support I needed to go back to school and better my life for me and my children. This is the best experience I have EVER had with any schooling at all. If I had a question and didn’t know exactly who to ask, all I had to do was send it to a team member and that person forwarded to the right person, you didn’t send it back and say it goes to this person but you did whatever it took to make sure my education came first. I will send a picture of me and my family to you all shortly but I just wanted to get out what I’ve been holding in for two years!!  With Herzing College anything is possible…just take the first step and call!!   Thank you all so much.

Katrina Marie Harris

Medical Billing and Insurance Coding Diploma Graduate, December 2008

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