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Ditch the fence and hit the books!

May 13, 2009

With the economy in its current state and colleges reaching out to people more than ever, many people are wondering “Should I go back to school?”  Are you one of the millions of Americans who are on the fence; wondering if now is the time to go back to school?  Should you upgrade your skills to remain competitive in a tight workforce?  The answer is YES.  Actually the answer is HECK YES!

Honestly, there is never a “bad” time to go back to school but now more than ever it is becoming increasingly important.  Jobs that once only required a high school education are now being gobbled up by candidates with undergraduate degrees.  Entry level positions are being sought by people with a decade of experience willing to work for entry level salaries.  The unemployment rate is thankfully leveling off.  However these past few, rocky months should serve as a sign telling all of us, “Go back to school before the next rough patch hits.”

The chart below may look like a kindergartner’s art project, but it actually shows the current unemployment rates in a few of the states.  As you can see several are in the double digits.  In a state like Michigan, Oregon or California, at least one out of ten people is unemployed.  Choose to not be represented by a colorful line on an unemployment chart, take action and remove the possibility of being an unemployment statistic.  Go to college.

Unemployment Chart

Education is an investment in the future for both you and your family.  Be proactive, plan ahead and position yourself in a recession proof career like healthcare, education or technology.  These fields are projected to grow by the Bureau of Labor and once this recession has passed, there will be ample opportunities for the individuals who have prepared for careers in these fields.  The key is that you have to prepare for it.  Like anything in life it won’t be handed to you, it won’t just happen nor will it fall into your lap.  You have to work for it, plan for it and carry it out in an organized, premeditated fashion.  Dig in your heels and take some hits for the payoff in the long run.

There are many opportunities provided by the government for grants and scholarships that can make going back to school easier and less of a financial burden.  Too if you are unemployed you can look to your state to see if you qualify for any of their grant programs.  All levels of government are willing to invest into education because they know that an educated workforce makes for a robust economy.

Every American is afforded the opportunity to go to school but the decision to go is up to the individual to choose.  If the information above doesn’t make you think, this next graphic will.


Ask yourself; what color do you want yourself represented by on this chart?  Purple?  Aqua?   Dark Green?  I can tell you that I am “going green.”  Just nine more months and my journey to my MBA will be completed.  This is one chart that I definitely want to be a top of.

I won’t sugar coat it, it isn’t easy.  After high school I didn’t want anything to do with college and didn’t go back until I was almost thirty years old, working full time and raising three kinds.  Slowly chipping away at my Associate degree and then my Bachelor degree between the kids’ sporting events, housework, my career and occasionally trying to have some fun; it was a challenge.  Now as I stand here as a 38 year old who is nine months away from her MBA degree and thinking over and over again, just nine more months, just nine more months…there are still days I want to give up, take a break or do less.  But I made a commitment to myself and I am adamant that I won’t ever let myself down.

In my decade working in higher education, I have seen the most unlikely of people become great successes because they believed in themselves and they set out to achieve a goal.  They realized that what the future holds is a great unknown but can be tackled day by day and there is always a silver lining to be found.  Anyone can do it.  You can do it.  Education is not the key to all good things, you still have to worry about your health, the effects of the world on your world, taking care of your family and waking up tomorrow morning but education is a solid foundation in which to grow from.

So if you are sitting on the proverbial fence wondering if a college education is for you, I challenge you to jump off of the fence and into the field growing college graduates.  Not only will you reap the rewards of your labor but you’ll lay a foundation of healthy growth for years to come, adding security to your world and creating a great “green” career path.  With all the educational options out there, you are sure to find a perfect fit.


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