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The Perfect Military Mom Mother’s Day Present

May 6, 2009

Sharonda, an admissions advisor here at Herzing University, was in my office yesterday with a big smile on her face and joy in her voice. “Just three and half months, she said smiling. Her husband will be coming home from Iraq, for good, after several tours of duty. While he is away fighting, she is here in Milwaukee working full time, taking care of two little ones and getting by without her husband. I am repeatedly amazed by the sacrifices military families make. Every wife, every mother, every child, every husband, every father and every service member’s family member should be thanked for supporting their active service member. These family members are often overlooked for their service.


With mother’s day right around the corner and all of these thoughts swirling around in my head, I started thinking about how many of our service men and women are also first generation college students or graduates. Thinking about how this too has to give a sense of pride to their family members and people who love them and feeling sentimental about the fact that many of their parents weren’t afforded the same opportunities. Then I was smiling because with Herzing’s new military program, they are.

The college I work for is extending the same discounted military tuition that we give to our veterans to their spouses, children and even their parents. We extend an even bigger discount to active military as many of them are currently serving in harm’s way. This is our way of saying thank you for your service and your sacrifice. We are proud to assist our servicemen and women achieving a great education and new career.

Our active military members (including the Reserves and National Guard) receive tuition at a cost of $285.00 per semester credit hour which includes books at the undergraduate level. Military students can receive up to $4500 per fiscal year with military TA, so this can significantly reduce the cost burden on our service members and empower them to continue on to graduate degrees if they so choose.

Veterans, Military spouses, their children and their parents will all receive a 20% discount on their tuition at the undergrad level and 15% at the graduate level (see you CAN send Mom and Dad to school!!!). For all Herzing University undergraduate programs books, software and lab fees are all included in tuition rates and our number one goal is to see our students grow into great careers and become successful graduates. Additionally we support our Military student body and their families with Military specific mentor groups, virtual resource center and a Career Specialist Liaison (Ann, you’ll love working with her) specializing in the career transition from the Military to private sector.

You can buy Mom some roses this Mother’s Day. Or get her a new set of PJs. Or take her out to brunch. However roses die, PJs wear out and brunch will be a mere memory in a matter of hours. This Mother’s Day give back to you Mother and let her have the same educational opportunities that you have with Herzing University. Sharonda, Herzing’s own “Military Mom” can be reached at 866-508-0748 extension 302 or Feel free to have your Mom call her, she can tell Sharonda how wonderful you are and start exploring new career paths for herself. Or Mom can call me (Amy) at extension 859, I’d be honored to meet her, thank her in person for everything she has done for the rest of us and talk to her about her future. Oh yeah…Dad is welcome to call too 😉


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