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Choiceortunity #2 ~ Network

April 30, 2009

Every day we have opportunities to meet or talk to someone new. It may be the guy next to you at lunch or the woman standing next to you in the grocery store. Say “hello” and see if there is perhaps a window that you can open, leading to possibilities.


A majority of jobs are never advertised for the general public to see. They are filled using recommendations from staff, industry references and the question; “do you know anyone who…” This is where networking can pay off. Don’t be shy tell people who you are, what you do and what your long term goals are. Join organizations and clubs that will allow you to expand your own personal and professional network. Within those clubs join a committee that will enhance you professionally and do something good for the community. You need to do this prior to graduation, start building your network NOW! The opportunities are out there, just make the choice to pursue them.

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