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First Day On The Job

April 13, 2009

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Your first day on your new job has arrived. Put on that outfit that you know makes you shine, but lay off the cologne or perfume. Instead of 4 squirts try 1 or 2. If you feel confident, you’ll look confident to others. You always want to eat breakfast before you leave the house so that you are full of energy when you arrive. Always remember to brush your teeth. First impressions do count, and you do not want to have all kinds of food particles in your teeth not to mention bad breath. Whether you drive to work or catch a bus make sure you leave plenty of time to get there early, you never know what kind of traffic you may run in to.

Once you arrive to your new workplace, take a deep breath and walk in with a smile on your face. Keep your head up and remember to make eye contact. Always be friendly and polite to everyone you encounter.  Beginning a new job can be a very stressful time. You are now the new kid on the block and have to form new relationship all over again. You may have left a previous job and co-workers so it can be difficult to settle into a new environment.  Here are some tips for your first day:

·         Remember that it is ok to ask questions. You are new and you want to have things done right the first time, rather than having to do it over.

·         Try to get to know your co-workers and what their interests are.

·         You may want to meet up with your former co-workers for lunch but use your lunch hour to try to bond with your current ones.

·         Pay attention to the grapevine, but try not to contribute to it. You do not want to be labeled a gossiper.

·          Never complain about your boss, office mate or co-workers from a previous job.

·         Always arrive to work a little early and don’t be the first one to rush out the door at the end of the day.

·         Volunteer for projects to get your boss to notice you, but do not take one so matony that it interrupts your assigned work.

·         Always keep a positive attitude. It may seem stressful in the beginning, but you will catch on in no time!


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