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A Thank You to Our Military and Their Families

April 1, 2009

We recently interviewed a candidate for a Military admissions position and listening to the candidate really got me thinking about all of Herzing’s students and graduates who are (or were) in the Military. It also got me thinking about all of the Military wives that attend our online college because it allows for the flexibility to pick up and move across the country or the world with their spouses. I give them credit as I can’t imagine the stress they endure and I also give them profound respect and appreciation for their many personal and family sacrifices.

sharondas-familySharonda Simmons, one of Herzing’s own, is a military wife raising two kids (pictured) and working full time as an Admissions Advisor while her husband, Ty, (pictured) is in Iraq defending our nation. She sets a great example as someone who has their chin up and celebrates her husband’s success as a soldier. She tells great stories about how her one-year old thinks that Daddy lives in the computer. When asked “Where’s Daddy?” her daughter points to the computer. During his last visit home the baby was confused as to why she could see Daddy and he wasn’t on the computer anymore. This simple, terribly adorable and heartwarming story is a little reminder of just a small sacrifice a Military family makes each and every day.

This last November we put up a virtual “Veteran’s Wall” and gave thanks to all of the Veterans in our lives. I started by posting my grandfather’s name and his twin brother, my Uncle Pat, who both fought in WWII. The number of students, staff and graduates who followed, adding names to the wall everyday for weeks, was incredible. As I reflect, I see that in one way or another we have all been touched by what our Military and Service Members do for our country.

Well, all of this had me thinking about what Herzing University can do to better service the Military; what is our role as a University? What can we do to show our collective gratitude? Research shows us that most university systems offer discounted tuition to active and veteran Military; as we were discussing this in a manager’s meeting I shouted out (yes I am taking credit for this), “What about their spouses…and children….and parents? They’ve all made sacrifices too, don’t they deserve some of the same benefits?” A smile came across our new President’s face as he said, “Yes they do.”

I am proud, so very proud to announce that Herzing University is extending the same discounted military tuition that we give to our veterans to their spouses, children and even their parents. We still extend and even bigger discount to active military as many of them are currently serving in harm’s way. This is our way of saying thank you for your service and your sacrifice. We are proud to assist our servicemen and women achieving a great education and new career.

Drum roll please… starting with our May 2009 term, our active military members (including the Reserves and National Guard) receive tuition at a cost of $285.00 per semester credit hour which includes books at the undergraduate level. Military students can receive up to $4500 per fiscal year with military TA. So this can significantly reduce the cost burden on our service members and empower them to continue on to graduate degrees if they so choose.

Veterans, Military spouses, their children and their parents will all receive a 20% discount on their tuition at the undergrad level and 15% at the graduate level. For all Herzing University undergraduate programs books, software and lab fees are all included in tuition rates and our number one goal is to see our students grow into great careers and become successful graduates. Additionally we support our Military student body and their families with Military specific mentor groups, virtual resource center and a Career Specialist Liaison specializing in the career transition from the Military to private sector.

So if you are out there fighting for us, on your way home back to us, a family member who seeks to better their career opportunities or a Veteran looking for adventures in learning please give us a call. We are happy to share Herzing University with you and yours.


You are welcome to email me at, call me at 866-508-0748, ext 859 or request information by clicking here.

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