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Kick Chicken Little Off Your Career Team

March 26, 2009

chickenThe sky is falling…the sky is falling. Every time I turn on the news I see dismay and devastation, war, the economy meltdown, sinking housing market, job losses, stocks crashing and companies going belly up. I feel like news anchors have resigned as professional journalists and taken on the role of Chicken Little, running around their sound stages declaring that the sky is going to fall down upon us at any moment.

It’s not.

The economy is not great and there are growing numbers of unemployed persons out there but there are also companies that are growing and thieving despite what is reported to us every day. The key is finding these opportunities and then presenting yourself as the best and only option for the position. So how do we find these hidden gems?

Create a Career Team.

Almost every job employs teamwork as a way to get tasks and projects done, they use it as a training tool, as a motivator and as a mechanism for setting and achieving goals. Employing the same strategy in your job search will not only improve your chances of finding a great job but leverage your job search networking beyond your single capabilities.

Everyone you know should be on your Career Team. Mom. Dad. Sisters. Brothers. In-Laws. Significant Other. Other Family. Friends. Neighbors. Network Connections. Your Alma Mater’s Career Service’s Team. The local Job Center (bond with a Job Center Rep). The owner of your favorite coffee shop. Tell everyone you know that you are looking for a job and what kind of job. Give them your two sentence “Marketing Me” statement (often called the elevator speech) that highlights your skills, qualifications, experience and education. Give them a handful of business cards that you’ve created (Herzing grads can get these without cost from the Career Services Department or anyone can order them from Kinkos or a copy place) indicating your contact information so they can hand them out to people they might talk to that might have an opportunity for you. Be sure they all have a couple of copies of your resume as well.

Additionally, go viral by creating a webpage and digital portfolio for your job search. You can highlight your resume, projects, letters of recommendations, certifications, education and anything else that you would put into a traditional portfolio. All you need is an internet connection and a scanner and you can create your digital job kiosk using Google Sites ( Just remember that this needs to reflect that you are a professional and should not contain any errors, silly pictures or anything else that would put you in a negative light. Once your site is up and running, make sure that your Career Team is armed with it and that you add it to your signature when you are communicating with HR professionals on sites like LinkedIn and Job Boards. If you would like to see an example you are welcome to visit the site I created with my own information – Also remember to not put too much personal information like your address and phone number out there, just an email will do.

So start recruiting for your Career Team and put them to work in reaching the team goal, your successful employment.



Feel free to contact me at or to learn more information about Herzing University, the best place on Earth to work and go to school, click here.

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