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Job Searching – Job or Hobby?

January 29, 2009

Do you consider yourself a job seeker? Yes? Okay, so how much time of each day/week/month do you spend job searching? The answer to this question will help to determine if job searching is more of a job or a hobby for you. Many professionals out there will probably tell you they are searching for a new job. My question is: How hard are you searching? If you only job search when you have a rough day at work and are desperate for a change, then you are approaching the search like you would any other hobby. If you fit the search into your schedule when there is time just like you would golfing, scrapbooking, or coffee with friends then you are making a hobby out of job searching. In order to be successful, it is time to treat your job search like it is your job.

Occasional job seekers are far less likely to be successful in landing a new job. By passively looking for a job, they miss opportunities because they aren’t consistent. To overcome this, do something related to the job search every day. Rather than being sick to your stomach all week about needing to find a new job because things are so bad in your current situation and spending all weekend agonizing over the search, space out the efforts to yield more positive results. Instead of spending an entire afternoon applying for thirty jobs that might interest you and not giving it a second thought until two weeks have passed and you have scheduled zero interviews; focus on one or two applications at a time. Ensuring your qualifications meet the requirements, allocating time to follow up with all applications, and creating opportunities to seek out unadvertised opportunities will be a better use of your valuable time. It really is all about managing the job search. Think about it like budgeting time every day to make your new career better. This approach will save you time, ensure you are among the first to apply for the perfect job, and ultimately make the job search an all around more pleasant experience.

If you actually want or need a new job, you will make sure no opportunity is overlooked. This does not mean that you have to apply for multiple job opportunities each day if you aren’t finding job listings matching your qualifications. Maintain your choosiness by only applying for jobs that you would actually consider accepting. Effective job searching is far more extensive than the rapid submitting of resumes. Activities such as researching companies that interest you, attending networking events or career fairs, making contacts with professionals that might be willing to mentor you, following up with recently submitted applications, and practicing to perfect your interview skills are all helpful to move you in the correct direction; each putting you one step closer to the perfect new job.

The next time you agonize over how stressful and frustrating the job search is, ask yourself: Am I treating the search like a hobby or a job? Job search like it is your job – the process will be far more enjoyable and efficient.

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